Peregrines for Breeding

Our breeding Peregrines are selected with one aim in mind; to produce fantastic flying hawks that are supremely suited to their roles as high-flying game hawks. However we also take great care with our feeding, incubation & raising regime in order to ensure that any youngsters produced will go on to make excellent parents themselves. Since 2015 a total of eight peregrines - some as imprints and some as natural breeders - bred by Staffordshire Gamehawks have gone on to breed successfully either as part of our project or with other breeders. Our KWF raised hawks have been particularly impressive with a tiercel filling eggs in a natural pair before his second birthday and falcons laying fertile eggs and raising chicks before they are three years old. With the above in mind our peregrines are available ordered as either imprints, fully parent-reared or KWF and have a solid track record if your needs involve a desire to obtain a breeding prospect to improve your own bloodlines.